cropped-logo.jpgThank you for visiting our website. We are incredibly grateful for all the support we have had in our local community of Santa Maria, California,  but also the nationwide recognition from our Facebook pages and news media outlets have brought to our efforts.

We are not alone, there are many wonderful organizations that make Angel Gowns and we are grateful to just have a part in this truly humanitarian effort to support those who are grieving a tragic loss and appreciate having someone come alongside and support in any way we can.

Donated wedding dresses area deconstructed by our volunteers then our seamstresses turn them in to beautiful Angel Gowns. The Angel Gowns are then donated to the local hospitals in which the seamstresses lives.  The hospitals then gift the Angel Gowns to the mourning parents that have lost an angel baby.

We are here solely to encourage and support so please browse around our site and if you have any comments, suggestions, requests or feedback you are welcome to contact us directly.

Thank you for wanting to help us give these precious gifts.

Please help support our volunteer seamstresses with supplies to create these amazing Angel Gowns!

Thank you