Dannielle Jarnesky

           Hello,  my name is Dannielle Jarnesky. When asked to be a part of this amazing cause,  I truy felt honored! Born and raised in Santa Maria until the age of 12 was amazing.  I was always doing volunteer work with my grandparents, Jerry and Davie Hurley.  From Santa Maria breakfast Rotary Club to the YMCA, I was always busy and had decided then that volunteer work was just so rewarding on many levels. 

           While in Santa Clara for 5 years I finished my schooling,  met my husband Bryan Jarnesky and started my little family!  We moved to Sacramento in 1999 and were married in May of 2002. It’s then that I became a first time mother to my wonderful step son, Kyle Jarnesky. In October of 2002 we decided to move back to Santa Maria and try to create a home with more children! In March of 2004 we were pleased to find out we were adding to our family of 3! However, in June of 2004 that wasn’t in the cards for us yet.  That is when we lost our Angel Baby.  Trying not to get discouraged we eventually decided to try again. On May 2, 2005 we welcomed or first daughter Brianna Leilani. Our family of 4 was complete.  We had our boy and girl so we were content! Then in December of 2006 we found out we were going to be a family of 5! Our second daughter,  Jannelle Kalei was born August 18, 2007! 

While we were extending our family,  my husband and I continued volunteer work with Rotary until my grandparents got sick. After they both passed I felt my work no longer had a purpose. That was until my wonderful friend Micci mentioned Angel Gowns for Dignity. I was honored and felt like I could finally talk about our loss. It was shortly after she told me about the group that I was asked to serve on the board with her and Susan. It has been the most rewarding and honorable volunteer work I have ever been a part of because it hits close to home with my family!  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us,  but with these 2 ladies and all our volunteers,  it can only go up from here! 


With Love, 

Dannielle J


Please help support our volunteer seamstresses with supplies to create these amazing Angel Gowns!

Thank you

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